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Music of Kohala

Kohala Kupa'a( master 1) - 41221, John Keawe
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Ka'auhuhu HomesteadJohn Keawe
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Kohala I Love You - 5_26_21, 12.14 PM.mpJohn Keawe
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John Keawe,  Grammy and multiple Nā Hoku Hanohano award winning slack-key (Kiho’alu) guitarist, composer and recording artist.  John’s music is infused with the spirit of Aloha and is reflective of many elements personal to him.  John performs regularly at various locations on the Big Island as well as other venues throughout the Hawaiian Islands and mainland.  In addition, he has recorded several albums, bringing Hawaiian slack-key into the homes of people from around the world. 


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Artist: The Kohala Mountain Boys


The Kohala Mountain Music Project is an ongoing, exciting artistic search for ancient musical treasures that helped to define the moku of Kohala on Hawai‘i Island. Kohala is a storied place with a unique musical heritage that is in danger of vanishing. Boots Lupenui and Chadd ‘Onohi Paishon, leaders of The Kohala Mountain Boys, are committed to uncovering and preserving as many of these “heirloom songs” as possible.

Old-time Kohala music is soulful, playful, poetic, and fierce, the manifold voice of a vibrant and extraordinary people. We want to recover and share the heirloom songs currently known only to a few isolated and precious old voices, their words and tunes unsung for years. The ancient musical essence of our beloved and mystical Kohala may be lost in this generation. Reclaiming our heirloom songs strengthens our ancestral ties to our homeland. It is a source of pride that can be shared by all the families and all the people of Kohala, for generations to come.   

By:  The Kohala Center.

For more information please contact Boots Lupenui.

Kohala Song

Kohala Song

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